Family Values

About a year ago I got to see exactly how I didn’t want my home to be like. Today, I got to see how I didn’t want my future children to be like. When going for dinner at a friend’s relatives home. I was greeted by generic Barrovian people who spent their day sat on the front lawn; drinking beer, music blasting and children running AWOL. Children (aged about 3-4 years old) running around swearing at the public – saying words I only use on occasion. The parent – telling the kid off for using these words had told them off using these words in their sentences. Although I respect these people for raising children on their low-income. I cannot and will not condone their parenting skills. If anything has come out of today, it has taught me the extremely high value of good parenting. I sincerely hope that today was a one-off for these people; that a normal day consists of something more… Fulfilling. But with ten years in this town, seeing other families in this area; I doubt it was a one-off. Shame.


My New Life.

OK, so a few weeks ago, my mother announced that she was getting married to a bloke named John. She decided to move to his home down in Walsall, UK. About a month later I decided I would join her as there seems to be more jobs there (Yes, I know, there’s more people as well). So in June; I’ll be leaving my friends and family for this new life. So this is what this blog is about – My New Life . I’ve set this up so as different things happen in my life, my friends and family can follow me to keep up to date.