Family Values

About a year ago I got to see exactly how I didn’t want my home to be like. Today, I got to see how I didn’t want my future children to be like. When going for dinner at a friend’s relatives home. I was greeted by generic Barrovian people who spent their day sat on the front lawn; drinking beer, music blasting and children running AWOL. Children (aged about 3-4 years old) running around swearing at the public – saying words I only use on occasion. The parent – telling the kid off for using these words had told them off using these words in their sentences. Although I respect these people for raising children on their low-income. I cannot and will not condone their parenting skills. If anything has come out of today, it has taught me the extremely high value of good parenting. I sincerely hope that today was a one-off for these people; that a normal day consists of something more… Fulfilling. But with ten years in this town, seeing other families in this area; I doubt it was a one-off. Shame.

2 thoughts on “Family Values

  1. You make an excellent point, if you don’t want your children using certain words it is very simple. Start by not using them yourself! Especially in every other sentence, lol.


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