My Birthday Week.

Ok, well to start off; my birthday was on Tuesday 10th May-my 21st. My friends decided that instead of having a single day to celebrate, I get to have a full week. So it started today (11th May) by me being woken up by Chelsea as her and Harry bought me a foot-long Chicken Salad Sub meal from Subway, which went down a treat. Later on me and Harry went to the library for a half hour to get some books, when we returned to the house I was presented with a variety of foods and all my friends (except two) in the living room. It really made me feel great to know that I have people in my life that care enough to go through all this trouble for me. So we munched down on the food and had a great time talking about different things and just having a good crack. About an hour after the party started, Chelsea wondered into the kitchen for a few moments, next thing I know everyone’s singing Happy Birthday and there stands Chelsea holding a huge cake with candles (to put the cake size into scale, the box said that it serves 40 haha). Only problem was, after I blew out my candles, Harry asked me what I’d wished for, it then dawned on me that I’d completely forgot about making a wish but immediately realised that I already had everything I could wish for (gay, I know haha). The party continued till about 11 o’clock when people started leaving. I’m now exhausted and ready for bed. It’s been a brilliant day and it couldn’t have gone better. Best thing is, there was no alcohol involved and it still topped every other party. My friends are amazing and I wish it could always be like this, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I almost regret my decision to move away, but I know that no matter where I go, they will still be here every time I return to Barrow.


[This post was written on the 14th May 2011 but had to transfer to this blog]


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