My Updated Life.

Well, I’ve been here in Walsall for almost two months now and haven’t posted anything, so figured it was time for an update. Within the first two weeks of been here, it became apparent that although there are more jobs available here, there’s equally more people applying for them. So, two months later and I’ve still no [paying] job. The JobCentre directed me to the British Heart Foundation furniture and electronics store. It feels great to fill my days with something more than sitting at home staring at my computer’s monitor, but in turn, it’s proving to take it’s toll carrying wardrobes up and downstairs all day, especially with a slim body-build as mine. I honestly cannot see why people would want to volunteer for this unpaid job haha. On a completely different subject, I’ve finally started learning most of the streets and main locations around town. I feel confident going into town for a specific shop. Only problem now is getting used to the two and a half mile walk from my home to town. After being used to being just round the corner from town for ten years, it’s certainly a difference that’ll take a bit of time.
EDIT: The main annoyance about work is that the people seem to overestimate my abilities. Getting me to lift 37inch television-not a new LCD screen, those old 5-stone beasts-attempting to lift it from the shelf, threatening to fall at any moment.

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