Operation: New Life started.

It’s now 11:49PM, I’ve been in my new home for about five hours and I can’t shake this unnerving sense of surrealism. Obviously I know that I live here now, but I keep feeling like this is just a little vacation, that I’m going back home in a few days. But I’m not. This my new home.


Well, that time has come. I’m leaving tomorrow. Leaving for a new life three-hundred miles away from everything I know. I keep walking the streets looking around and wondering when the next time I’ll see them is; wondering if what I’m doing is the best thing to do. If I go down there will I just screw up my life even more? Or will it be the best decision I’ve ever made? It feels almost like a dream. Like those dreams where you’ve no idea where you are but still have a sense of location, as if you’ve known this place all your life. Even though I’ll be coming home every so often; it still feels like I’m leaving my friends and family behind, while I go off and do my own thing. I hope it will be worth it in the long shot. I’m going to a new place with no-one to talk to like I do here, I’m going down there knowing that I’ll be that nobody I had waved goodbye to several years ago. The first month after I learnt that I was moving away, it was going really, really slowly and just wanted it to hurry up and arrive. Now that it’s that time, I couldn’t want it to go any slower. My nerves are practically breaking in half, I suppose I just want it to be over so I can get started on recreating a new life. Still, I’ve got my party to look forward to, should be great.

Tee Minus Ten Days!

As the big day grows ever closer; my nerves grow heavier. If everything goes to plan, I’ll be leaving in ten days, if not then I’ll be leaving in about three weeks. As much as I want to stay with my friends, I also cannot wait to get down there and begin my new life. I plan to have my leaving party on the 17th June and if I can the right party stuff; it’s going to be one helluva night. I’ll try uploading some pictures for people to see.