How to maximise profits from eBay!

We’ve all shopped on eBay at least once, even if you haven’t bought anything, you’ve at least checked out the website. Am I right?

Well, what happens when simply looking or buying the odd item just isn’t enough anymore?

We start selling our items; unwanted gifts, old books that have long since been forgotten, or if you’re real ambitious; open up an eBay store and start selling new items.

The problem with this is knowing how to sell items. One might sell an item for £40 with a plain title, simple image and brief description, whereas someone else may sell that same item for £100+ all thanks to creative writing. Selling on eBay isn’t just a way of getting rid of unwanted junk, it’s a way of profiting, earning a real-life income. People can argue that selling on eBay produces a greater pay cheque than a standard office job. I met one person who was making £2,000+ (profit) per month just from selling items on eBay. I’ve listed some tips below to help you along your way and I hope you find them helpful.

  1. Market Research – This has to be one of THE most important aspects to selling online. If one is to sell an item successfully they must research the item to be sold. Descriptions-take a look at other sellers description of the item, find the key points of how they’ve described it. Do the same with the item price. Competition is healthy and necessary in order to bring customers to your proverbial door. If you decide to sell an iPod™ for £150.00 and someone else is selling the exact same for £70; who do you think will get the sell?
  2. Images – I cannot stress this enough. Pictures of the item must be of your own item, not a picture you’ve pulled from Google; people like to see the item they’re buying. Be sure to capture images of notable details (Desirable features, defects etc.). Ensure that the image is of decent quality; remember that blurry is bad, clear is good, and crystal is great! Unless you fancy paying the extra 12pence per picture you upload, use a simple graphics program (GIMP, MS Paint, and Photoshop) and add several different images into one large image but remember to make each one easy to see.
  3. Listing extras – Although these cost extra, if the item is expected to sell for more than £10; it’s always worth paying for those little details like: subtitle, page theme, extra pictures, enlarged listing on the search list. These are all features that will maximise profits. They capture the customer’s attention, make it seem a lot more professional and legitimate.

Above are three key points to selling your items on eBay. If you want to start selling as a professional distributor on eBay, you need to learn the ins and outs of eBay. Below is a link for a guide to selling on eBay, this guide is great and I can personally recommend it. Great value as well. Take a look, watch the video and then make up your mind if you want earn serious money on eBay or not.

Click here to make serious cash online!


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