WoWMimic: Truly Automated Gaming for World of Warcraft!

Recently, I got into the massively popular World of Warcraft. After downloading that damn 10 Gigabyte update; I finally got to play. Upon loading the game, I created my character, selected my realm and I was ready to go. After hours of playing, I’d only reached level three, that was a little daunting. I went online to see what help was available, I checked various “Power levelling” guides, and none of them were particularly helpful.

I took a different view, instead of looking to power level, I looked into bot’s, after several failed attempts I finally found one that works like it says on the proverbial box. This bot is called WoWMimic, and it is beautiful in all sense of the word. I signed up, purchased a one-month subscription for WoWMimic: Elite, which does levelling, farming, and fishing all on its own. So I installed to software and opened the Word document that contained instructions to get this beast working. The instructions were somewhat troublesome to understand and use appropriately, for example, for a Warrior it showed you the layout for where the spells and weapons need to be placed in the Action Bar, however if-like me- you don’t really know WoW all too well, it shows just a picture with all the icons on it, but I don’t know what most of these icons are, some labels would have made this much better.

Anyway, I finally got it up and running and anxiously clicked “Start” and as promised, my character started moving, all the way to the designated “Attack” place, and it did just that, it slaughtered every little beasts that came towards him. I left him to it, and went away from the computer, ten minutes later I was level six! I couldn’t believe just how well it had worked. So I set it a new “Path” according to the new level, and off he went, to a new place and did the same again, it was a complete massacre. Here’s a little example of how well it did. (Some of these times were taking on different days)

Time Experience Points Level
10:30 1040 6
10:47 2280 6
11:01 3303 6
11:10 185/4500 7
08:13 2130 7
9:21 541 8
10:01 3199 9

After some time, I needed to change the paths again, this is where it got a little annoying, I changed the path and off he went, I came back half an hour later and my character was in the “Spirit Realm” meaning, I had died. Thinking this was a little odd, I sat down and observed. He’d walked into an area with too-high level beasts and just kept dying, and ate all his food, and destroyed my Hearthstone (Although, that was my fault). So I figured he just needed to go up one or two levels, so I took control and started walking back to a more easier place only to discover that no matter which direction I went, all the beasts were one or two levels higher than me, I couldn’t go anywhere, so still controlling him, I bought some better weapons and armour and tried my luck. It took several hours but I got him up two levels and he was ready to go again, clicked “Start” and off he went and gleefully I watched him successfully kill almost everything he selected with only a few deaths.

Now, I’m level fourteen and my character is actively killing the creatures even as I type this, that’s the single most amazing thing about this software, it works perfectly in the background so you can carry on with whatever you’re doing and leave it to do its thing.

If you want to boost up your character a little, get plenty of fishing done or even get you’re “Talent” level up, then WoWMimic is definitely the software for you, and considering how much work goes into making this piece of software, it’s real cheap. I bought a WoWMimic: Elite monthly subscription for only $10.

Click the banner below to go to the sign-up page and watch your character charge through the levels.
WoW Bots - MMOMimic

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