3D Gaming: Another gimmick or game changer?

For quite a while now; I’ve been a big PC gamer, I play PC games more than I do console games, so I decided to step it up a notch and check into the 3D gaming world. I went out and bought myself a 23” Samsung SyncMaster SA700 3D monitor for about £320, was it worth the large price tag? I think so. I got it all hooked up and turned it on and wow, such a beautiful piece of technology, sharp, crisp images. After I’d regained my breath I decided to try out the 3D part of it, the biggest part of it. I launched my Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, I put on the glasses (supplied with the monitor) and clicked “play”. Almost Instantly, I noticed the 3D coming into action, I was met with high-definition, sharp graphics. Now, for the 3D part. I must admit I was somewhat disappointed about this. Although it certainly added a whole new dimension to the game; it wasn’t the eye-popping bullets-in-yer-face that I’d expected, it was merely layers, If you’ve ever played on the Nintendo 3DS then you should know what I mean. The scope mounted on the rifle was very well layered, but layered nonetheless; it did however give me much more precision with my aiming. Perhaps this is different with 3D kits like the NVidia 3D Vision (Which I bought and can’t set the darn thing up). So after a couple of hours playing CoD I figured I’d check out a different game, I loaded up Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and to my dismay, something went wrong, when in the game’s menu, the mouse orientation was completely off, like I’d have to hover about six-centimetres to the left of the button I’d like to select. I just assumed this was due to a dodgy 3D Game Profile, switched it off and loaded Crysis, here I was met with the same issue (If anyone can tell me how to fix this please comment as I’d love to check out these games to their fullest). So, how would I rate this “Next-gen technology”? About 6/10, it certainly adds a new level to the game but it was still disappointing, perhaps I shouldn’t have had such high hopes for this seemingly new technology.

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YouTube Insult Generator.

YouTube. The media website where everyone goes to listen to the latest tracks, newest movie trailers, and some downright comical pieces of random crap. It’s been a part of most of out lives for over six years and will continue to do so till the end of the Internet. Now, the comments section for videos; here you can find some of the most ingenious insults towards another person. With bad grammar, non-existent spelling and perfectly put together words of complete gibberish.

Ever really wanted to write a mud-filled comment but could never think of how to put the sentence together? Well, now you can put all that behind you. There is now a YouTube Insult Generator, all you have to do is enter in a few search tags and it produces a long list of insults for you to send off.

I was intrigued by this idea and thought I’d give it a try. It didn’t meet my expectations.

For example I searched: “You stink of crap”.

And this is a couple of the results I got back:

  • “You 1 trunk”
  • You think that Sassy is saying “dogs rule”
  • You has shit your pants while wearing white pants on their first date.

Now, I do realise all of these results are actually people’s insults that this site has found but some of these are just straight-up irrelevant to my search terms.

Perhaps a little more development and hopefully some new, more grammatically correct insults and this website could be somewhat useful.

Youtube Insult Generator result image

Another example of the somewhat failed attempt at producing relevant insults

You can find the website by clicking here.