Free iPhone 4S or iPad 2 64Gb or just about anything you want!

This is for everyone who likes free stuff (Who doesn’t like free stuff?) Especially when it’s free Apple products.
I just found a website called Freebie Jeebies (Stupid name I know). This is another one of those dreaded referral sites, where you get so many referrals to get free things. So, what makes this site different? This one works! I read various user reviews on forums and it seems to work great.
For example: You can get an iPad 2 32GB WiFi for only twenty eight referrals and an iPod Shuffle 2GB for only two referrals. How easier could it get? I read a post from one guy in the UK who bagged themselves a free 40″ 3D Samsung TV along with a TV Skype webcam! So, enough of my ranting. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself by clicking the link below. Happy days!

1. Sign up
2. Complete an offer
3. Refer your friends ( we all have over 50 mates on Facebook!!)

Using the link below.
Click for unlimited free Apple products and more!

This is not a Scam site it has been featured on the Gadget show on BBC showing it does work, nothing to loose.

Loads of people have done it and got free iPad 2′s and loads of other Apple products just by following these three steps! Its that simple!