The Razer Lycosa – The one I hate.


I’ve always liked the Razer product line, I discovered the company about 5-6 years ago and haven’t had anything else attached to my PC ever since. Despite their relatively short life-span; they’ve been my number one choice. I’ve had the Tarantula keyboard, Imperator mouse and many others. When my Tarantula gave out (due to my clumsiness mixed with soft drinks), I went out and bought me the Razer Lycosa. Boasting a lovely 1000Hz Ultra-polling / 1ms response time and Hyper Response keys.

I got home and the first thing I did was open up the packaging to look/admire the newly acquired keyboard. My initial thoughts were along the lines of “Wow, isn’t that just a thing of pure beauty.”. My thoughts however, rapidly changed as I started using it.

I tend to type a little to the side (Weird, I know) and the slim keycap’s are horrible, they constantly jam so I miss out letters. They’re like laptop keys, but utter crap. The media keys, yeah, the touchscreen media keys, are unresponsive, sometimes not even working at all. I’m currently typing this article on my laptop because anything more than a short paragraph, this keyboard just doesn’t cut it.

Also, although this is likely a fault with the keyboard, every now-and-then, it acts as if one of the keys are jammed down, without a moment’s notice, I’ll look at my screen and there is a page full of a single letter, or if I’m not so lucky, the Backspace key has jammed and deleted everything I’ve typed already.

One last thing to whine about, and this problem also existed with the Tarantula, the USB port on the back does next-to-nothing, despite both the keyboards USB’s being plugged into my PC, one extra for more power. I plug a USB pen drive in and rarely does it have enough power for the drive, I plug my iPhone in and same thing, despite the iPhone providing it’s own power.

This is the only Razer product that I’ve been displeased with so I’m not going to throw a tantrum and tell Razer to keep their service. I’ll just eagerly anticipate the break-down of this keyboard so I have an excuse to replace it.

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