Who Am I?

I realised the other day that I’ve been blogging here for a while now but haven’t actually introduced myself. I shall do so here and now so my readers can know who I am.

Name: Liam Merlyn

Age: 21 (As of writing this)

DOB: 10-05-1990

Location: West Midlands, UK

Ok, as stated above, my name is Liam, and I’m just your average Joe who happens to be a huge tech-geek. I got my first computer when I was about 10 and it had 128mb or RAM and it ran Windows 95. Ever since the moment that I switched it on and that famous flag popped on screen I instantly fell in love with it. Skip forward eleven years and my computer has changed into my beast running 6gb of RAM, a six-core AMD processor and an Nvidia GTX 580 graphics card. During the week I do voluntary work for the British Heart Foundation and at the weekends I work at B&Q DIY store.

My geeky skills include: HTML web design, graphic design, 3D modelling, and image manipulation. Really want to get into C++ but when I open the book and look at some samples, it just blags my head and I feel like my mental stability is dripping out of my ears *sigh*. I will learn it at some point, but right now it’s just not gonna work out. Note: I’ll pay for tutoring haha


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